Do you feel that you are stuck in your Spanish learning?

Do you find it difficult to make progress and after a while you still can’t speak fluently and confidently?

This can be for a variety of reasons, but the most common is usually because you have studied with a methodology that does not focus on what you need most: to express yourself fluently, confidently, naturally and without fear.

Fortunately, there are now more innovative and effective teaching approaches, specially designed to meet this need, such as “The Flipped” methodology.


What is the “flipped classroom” methodology?

It is a teaching-learning model that is based on the idea that ACTIVE learning has to take place INSIDE the classroom in collaboration with the teacher.

It is called ‘flipped’ because it requires students to prepare before class allowing the time they spend with the teacher to be used more effectively, so that students have more time to practice in class what they really need: CONVERSATION.

How do we apply this methodology at Direct Español?

Language Acquisition Phase

Before the class with the teacher, students prepare themselves with the materials available on the Direct Español platform, which include video classes recorded by myself, minipodcasts adapted to each level and also recorded by myself, self-correcting activities and pdfs).

It is a teacher-guided process, it is not simply a matter of accessing a platform to consume all the content it offers. Instead, the content is carefully organised and structured for each lesson and is closely related to each other.

Production Phase

During the lesson with the teacher, the focus is on semi-controlled and free practice, using the vocabulary and new structures and expressions they have learned on the platform.

As the student has already completed the theoretical part on their own and has therefore already acquired the necessary knowledge to speak, the class becomes a much more active and communicative learning environment, allowing them to make the most of the class time.

I encourage you to book a free 30-minute session with me to show you an example of how we apply this methodology at Direct Español and how our “You Talk Spanish Programme” has benefited many students on their way to greater fluency in Spanish.

How can you benefit from the flipped methodology?

There are 2 main benefits 

1. Time optimisation: This methodology allows you to make the most of the time you spend in class with the teacher, which significantly accelerates your progress in learning Spanish.

2. Increased confidence in speaking Spanish: By doing the knowledge acquisition phase before the production phase, you will feel more confident and prepared to communicate in Spanish.

In addition, this methodology helps you to become a more autonomous learner and more committed to your learning as it involves independent work.

Another significant benefit is flexibility – you can learn at your own pace, at your own preferred times and from anywhere! In addition, you have the freedom to revise the theoretical part as many times as you wish; for example, if you need to watch a grammar video three times, you can do so without restrictions!


In a traditional class, the teacher has to spend a considerable amount of time teaching the theoretical part, which includes teaching grammar, presenting vocabulary, exercises, corrections, revision and so on. This ultimately limits the time available for the most active and fundamental part: CONVERSATION. This limitation makes learning more passive and limits student participation, which in turn slows progress.

However, in the flipped classroom, the student has already done all the theoretical part by him/herself, with total flexibility, at his/her own pace and at his/her chosen time. Many tasks can be carried out autonomously, without the need for the constant presence of the teacher. This autonomy stimulates greater active participation by the student and, consequently, makes progress faster.

If you have already realised that traditional classes are not for you because they have made you waste so much time for so few results, I invite you to book a trial class with me and LIVE THE DIFFERENCE.

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