Speak Spanish with MORE confidence investing LESS money and time

You have spent time and money trying different things to learn Spanish but you still can not express yourself as you would like

I know how you feel, because I have worked a lot with other students so that they do not waste that time and money

That’s why I want to help you to


Reconcile with your Spanish

You might feel like this



You are afraid of getting stuck speaking Spanish and therefore people will not understand you


Yo are tired of wasting time trying things that don’t work, you have tried to learn on YouTube, with applications, textbooks, podcasts, you have had Spanish classes before, but you are still not able to express yourself as you would like


And the worst thing, you don’t know which way to go to reverse this situation that´s why you have given up several times but you want to continue dreaming of being able to speak fluent Spanish someday

¡Muy Buenas! Mi nombre es Alberto

I can help you to redirect your Spanish learning so that you improve what you have learned and go in the right direction

showing you a new path that will make you enjoy your learning more, and above all, it will allow you to progress much faster so that once and for all you reach your goals with Spanish

My Students

Hanady Kalil


“¡Muchas gracas Alberto por tus clases increibles! I really enjoyed every single class”

Lucia Costantini


“Desde que empecé el curso mi nivel de español ha mejorado mucho porque es fácil de entender y es fácil memorizar las cosas”

Souraya Kassem


“Este curso es muy importante para los estudiantes que quieren hablar español con más seguridad, con más fluidez”

Yagmur Karakaya


“Las clases de Alberto me ayudaron muchísimo, hablamos sobre todo: la cultura, la comida, la política… y los materiales eran muy divertidos. Después de las clases con Alberto yo siento más segura hablar en español”

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