Direct Español Courses

Self-paced Spanish Courses


English subtitles available (CC)

Self-paced Spanish courses from level A0 to B1

Clear, visual and easy explanations focused on the most important aspects of the Spanish language

Unlimited access to courses from the moment of purchase

All courses include support service with me

Basic Spanish Course


This course is for you if you are an absolute beginner or an advanced beginner. With this course you will rapidly build a strong base of the Spanish language

Ultimate Spanish Grammar Course


This is an intermediate level course for students who want to understand and master the most important content of the Spanish grammar

Total Vocabulario Course


If you are looking for a course to learn the most common vocabulary spoken in Spain, this course is ideal for you.

Pack 2 Courses

169€  “Save 57€”

 Basic Spanish + Ult.Spanish Grammar

  • 55 Lessons
  • 70 PDF Infographics
  • +150 Interactive Activities & Games
  • 2 months support
  • Save more than 40%

Pack 3 Courses

199€ “Save 102€”

Basic Spanish + Ult.Spanish Grammar +Total Vocabulario

  • 85 Lessons
  • +100 PDF Infographics
  • +300 Interactive Activities & Games
  • 4 months support
  • Save more than 40%



More than 500 students inside the courses

More than 15000 completed lessons

You will absolutely love this way of learning Spanish!

What do students say about My Courses?



“Todos los cursos y materiales visuales de Direct Español cubren una gran información como expresiones populares, gramática, vocabulario…me ayudaron a hablar más como un nativo”

Anna Yandell


“Nothing has been as effective as the courses provided by Direct Español, the way that Alberto incorporates videos, visuals, PDF and clear explanations has really helped me to progress through the basic state the Ultimate Grammar Course”

Damian McGeown


“Alberto has really thought about the best way to demonstrate the language, the videos explain clearly how to use Spanish and there are lots of activities to put into practice  “

Lucia Costantini


“Desde que empecé el curso mi nivel de español ha mejorado mucho porque es fácil de entender y es fácil memorizar las cosas”



“I had access to bunch of visual material and videos that really made it easy to get down the basics, everything from basic words, basic verbs, and after a short time speaking with Alberto I feel much more confident speaking with somebody in Spanish”

Zuzanna Smolicz


“I ve done the Spanish Basic and it helped me a lot. All the materials provided by Alberto are visible, understandable and really, really clear. I highly, highly recommend it to everyone who needs Spanish to use it on daily basis “

Souraya Kassem


“Este curso es muy importante para los estudiantes que quieren hablar español con más seguridad, con más fluidez”

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