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Would you like to speak Spanish comfortably and confidently?

Online Spanish classes for intermediate level students who want to communicate with confidence and fluency in everyday life on real life topics

Not all methodologies are the same

I am aware that not everyone has had positive experiences learning Spanish

Traditional schools rely on outdated methodologies that slow down students’ progress, using far too much grammar and far too little conversation.

Long and boring explanations on the blackboard, fill-in-the-blank exercises, a bit of conversation, a bit more review and then home you go.

If you’ve had such learning experiences, you already know that there is hardly any conversation involved, which makes it difficult to help learners of Spanish with what they really need… The ability to communicate fluently, confidently and self-assuredly, in a way that is natural and anxiety-free. 

But don’t throw in the towel just yet, as there are other methodologies that are based on the real problems of the students. They are designed in a far more personalised and effective way and have a highly visual style, just like my “Flipped” methodology, which will help you achieve what you’ve been wanting for so long… to speak Spanish fluently.

Flipped Hybrid Methodology

Make the most of the time spent learning Spanish and make much faster progress

Have you heard of the “flipped” methodology?

It’s time to get started with your Spanish language practice, so you get your coffee, your notebook and your pen ready. 

You turn on your computer with absolute freedom and flexibility, whenever and wherever you want, and you press play. You enjoy your grammar and vocabulary class at your own pace thanks to the audiovisual content and the highly explanatory and dynamic infographics that help you to better understand every concept and, most importantly, to remember them more easily.

You join our live class via Zoom, where you feel like you’re chatting with a friend about everyday topics, using native expressions naturally. This prepares you to have real-life conversations with Spanish speakers from all over the world.

You realise how much you enjoy the process and not just because I am so much fun, but also because the lesson flies by, and as you switch off you feel that you’re learning and progressing without even realising it. So you then ask yourself… Why haven’t I heard of the You Talk Spanish programme before?

My name is Alberto,

and I’m an online native Spanish teacher

My mission is to help Spanish students to communicate better in a shorter period of time while enjoying the journey.

And since 2013 I have helped more than 2,000 students of over 30 different nationalities to learn Spanish and communicate more easily and effectively.

More conversation & less explanation

Learn Spanish in context for real life

Let’s speak in Spanish!

Discover my online Spanish classes

The class will fly by

Learn Spanish in an easy, dynamic and fun way

Yes, adults can also have fun and enjoy learning a language such as Spanish, over 95% of my students say so



Sofia Dragone


“Mi español ha mejorado tremendamente, Alberto aclaró todas mis dudas y corregía siempre mis errores, su método de enseñanza me ha ayudado un montón, además es una buenísima persona que te hace sentir muy agusto en sus clases”

Martina Sprecacacenere


“Participé en el curso de Alberto para obtener mejor fluidez cuando hablo y tengo que decir que me ayudó muchísimo”



“Todos los cursos y materiales visuales de Direct Español cubren una gran información como expresiones populares, gramática, vocabulario…me ayudaron a hablar más como un nativo”

Camila Franzoni


“Alberto me ayuda a hablar sobre cosas de una forma más natural, expresiones del día a día, el lenguaje que usan los jóvenes en la calle,  y veo el cambio que después de menos de 6 meses de clase la gente me dice que hablo mucho mejor”



“I had access to bunch of visual material and videos that really made it easy to get down the basics, everything from basic words, basic verbs, and after a short time speaking with Alberto I feel much more confident speaking with somebody in Spanish”

Anna Yandell


“Nothing has been as effective as the courses provided by Direct Español, the way that Alberto incorporates videos, visuals, PDF and clear explanations has really helped me to progress through the basic state the Ultimate Grammar Course”

Lucia Costantini


“Desde que empecé el curso mi nivel de español ha mejorado mucho porque es fácil de entender y es fácil memorizar las cosas”

Zuzanna Smolicz


“I ve done the Spanish Basic and it helped me a lot. All the materials provided by Alberto are visible, understandable and really, really clear. I highly, highly recommend it to everyone who needs Spanish to use it on daily basis “

Damian McGeown


“Alberto has really thought about the best way to demonstrate the language, the videos explain clearly how to use Spanish and there are lots of activities to put into practice  “

Daniele Girolami


“Las clases con Alberto de preparación del DELE C2 han sido extremadamente útiles para mí porque me han ayudado a ganar mucha más confianza, más fluidez y más soltura”

Hanady Kalil


“¡Muchas gracas Alberto por tus clases increibles! I really enjoyed every single class”

Aya Sbitan


“La plataforma Direct Español me ayudó mucho a mejorar mi español ahora puedo hablar mejor en español, antes no pude hablar español así”

Souraya Kassem


“Este curso es muy importante para los estudiantes que quieren hablar español con más seguridad, con más fluidez”

Yagmur Karakaya


“Las clases de Alberto me ayudaron muchísimo, hablamos sobre todo: la cultura, la comida, la política… y los materiales eran muy divertidos. Después de las clases con Alberto yo siento más segura hablar en español”

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