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Basic Spanish Course

Self-study Spanish in a visual and effective way!

Do you find Spanish grammar too hard? Don´t have time to attend classes?

I can help you to learn spanish quickly and effectevely with my modern method based on Visual Learning. Are you too busy to go to class? Do you want to learn Spanish easy and fast but you don´t find the way?

This is the course you need!

You are at the proper place

My name is Alberto Mahedero and I am going to help you to create a solid base that helps you assimilate and understand the Spanish language quickly and easily from the very beginning! You can do all this from wherever and whenever you wish and without schedules

What will you learn?


You will rapidly build a solid base of Spanish 


You will have practical usage of basic Spanish in a matter of weeks


You will learn the language as a native Spanish would, with explanations 100% in Spanish


you will acquire the most relevant grammar content at a basic level in a super visual and fun way


You will greatly improve your listening and pronunciation skills thanks to my audio visual method


you will remember with great ease all the contents learned thanks to visual learning

What can you find inside the Course?

Video Lessons

Dynamic and animated videos with subtitles that represent and explain vocabulary and grammar 100% in Spanish


High quality creative designs with visual illustrations that help you to better understand the Spanish language through Visual Learning

Interactive Activities

Self-correcting activities with which you can practice all the contents that you learn throughout the course

Course Program

Módulo 1: Español esencial

1. Vocabulario básico (números, colores, nombres, adjetivos…)

2. Alfabeto y pronunciación

3. Artículos. Masculino y femenino

4. Los días, meses y estaciones del año

5. Concordancia. Género y número (singular, plural)

6. Pronombres posesivos (mi, tu, su…)

Módulo 2: Curso A0 Beginners

1. Verbo ser. Nacionalidades, profesiones, adjetivos de carácter y personalidad

2. Verbo tener. Edad, posesión, sensaciones y descripción

3. La familia

4. La casa (la cocina, el baño, el salón, el dormitorio..)

5. Verbo estar (estados físicos y ubicación)

6. Diferencia entre ser, estar, tener y haber

7. Verbo gustar + cuantificadores (poco, bastante, mucho..)

8. Vocabulario de los animales (mascotas, domésticos, marinos y salvajes)

9. TEST Beginner

Módulo 3: Curso A1

1. La hora

2. El tiempo atmosférico

3. Deportes y actividades físicas

4. La ciudad. Servicios, transporte público, ocio y entretenimiento. Educación

5. Marcadores temporales (presente, pasado y futuro)

6. Verbo ir + Futuro

7. Los transportes

8. Vocabulario de los verbos regulares

9. Presente regular (Morfología y conjugación) Las familias -AR,-ER,-IR

10. Adverbios de frecuencia (nunca, a veces, siempre…)

11. Presente irregular (Cambios vocálicos. 1ª persona irregular. Verbos super irregulares)

12. Ubicar en el espacio (preposiciones)

13. Pronombres interrogativos (qué, cuál, dónde, quién, cuánto…)

Módulo 4: Errores comunes y Evaluación

1. Errores comunes

2. Falsos amigos

3. Expresiones idiomáticas

4. Evaluación final

5. Clase privada con Alberto

6. Diploma y certificado del curso

Benefits of taking this Course

Visual Learning

Benefit from a large number of infographics, interactive activities and graphic videos to learn in a more practical and efficient way

Organized and structured

The course is designed to learn the contents in a specific order.  All lessons and activities of the course are related to each other

Lifetime Access

Once you buy the course you will have access to all lessons and resources forever, therefore you can do the course as many times as you wish

Mobile friendly

The course is optimized to be done with all mobile devices and tablets. Study and practice Spanish when you want and from where you want

Save money

How much time and money would you have to invest in classes to learn the Spanish basics? Now you have the opportunity to learn it on your own with a unique material that you will have forever!

Full support with Alberto

The course includes a great support service. You can ask me questions as many times as you want day by day and you have the right to a consulting session

High-quality downloadable material


All the contents of basic Spanish grammar explained in a super attractive and visual way with real examples


All the most important vocabulary explained in an easy and visual way

Master your Spanish with more than 100 Interactive Activities!




Who is this course for?


Beginners students

Who want to learn Spanish from the beginning for the first time


A1 Students

Who know some Spanish but have a lot of problems understanding grammar and learning vocabulary


A1-A2 Students

Who want to improve and strengthen their learning and need to build a solid base of grammar and vocabulary


+ B1 Students

This course is not suitable for you if your Spanish level is B1 or higher

The price? Get it now for just 245 euros 73

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If the course does not suit what you were looking for just let me know within 3 days and I will refund the full amount

Do you still have more questions?

Can I do the course more than once?

Once you sign up you can do the course as many time as you wish. You will have access to each course content forever. So, if you wish to review specific content in the course after you finish it, or take it all over again, you can!

How does the course work?

The course is completely online, you only need an internet connection and that’s it! The course is divided into modules and lessons that have been designed for an orderly and sequenced learning so I recommend you follow the order. You can access the course from any device unlimited 24 hours a day.

What minimum level should I have?

The course is aimed at beginner students so you do not need a minimum level to sign up. 

Will I have to pay more in the future?

With the purchase of the course you will have full access to this course and you will never have to pay a single cent more to enjoy its advantages. Moreover, you can enjoy discounts in the next courses

Is there a start and end date?

The course starts from the moment you sign up and ends whenever you choose. So you can study with all the calm and patience of the world at your own peace and without stress or pressure.


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